Originally founded by a Chemical Engineer, Edge Adhesives starts and ends in our labs.  Innovation through chemistry and product design are both our history and the driving forces for our future.  Each of Edge’s four manufacturing locations has an operating QC lab and Edge’s R&D efforts are focused out of our lab in our Fort Worth, TX Headquarters.

Having the ability to formulate, scale and convert to finished goods all with internal resources have given Edge distinction in the market and is why the largest global brands all come to Edge when looking for a product solution.  Beyond the products that we have designed ourselves, Edge Adhesives is a dynamic organization that has capabilities in custom product design for specific market and application demands.  If we don’t have a solution for you already in production, Edge will work with you to engineer one.

Edge Adhesives Lab Capabilities

Custom Formulation
Quality Analysis
4 QC Labs
2 Research and
Development Labs
Competitive Product Analysis
Well-trained and Knowledgeable Staff